100 million dollar pearl, largest ever found kept by fisherman who was not aware of its value

    Puerto Princesa City, Philippines – When a massive clam got stuck to a fishing boat’s anchor, a fisherman makes an incredible discovery. To the fisherman’s delight, he discovers that the large clam had a massive pearl inside. The pearl was so large it weighed about 75 lbs and measured 2.2 feet long.

    But the initial level of excitement quickly grew dim as he wasn’t aware of the pearl’s true value.  He decided to keep the pearl under his bed as a good luck charm.  Over the years the pearl sat under his bed and was eventually handed over to his aunt, who then turned it over to Puerto Princesa city mayor for display in the city hall.  Once on display, the rumors started circling that the pearl might be the largest anyone has ever found and of its massive value.  The city is currently seeking help from experts to certify its authenticity.