Cab driver is ambushed and shot six times, his quick thinking might have just saved his life

    A Las Vegas, NV cab driver was ambushed and shot six times at a North Las Vegas neighborhood.  Around 3am, the cab driver was answering his first call of the night which took him to a North Las Vegas neighborhood.  When he reached his destination, he drove up to a male and asked if he called for a cab, the male told him it was his uncle.

    Shortly after, another male wearing a hooded sweatshirt and cocking a weapon is seeing running behind towards the cab, that is when the cab driver notices he is being ambushed.  The cab driver immediately tries to get out of the cul-de-sac and drive away, but without taking a few shots first, two of them manage to reach him.  He calls dispatch for help and manages to drive himself to a truck stop where, luckily, he finds ambulance parked there.