Girl takes selfie after getting stabbed by robber

    After getting stabbed the first thing that comes to mind is probably accessing how bad the wound is, if is bad, panic and call for medical help immediately.  But the last thing you think is taking a selfie, or documenting the situation.

    For Naomi Greenslade, however, getting stabbed was an opportunity to take a bloody selfie with her friends.  22 year old, Naomi was approached by a robber demanding her purse while she walked back home after a night out in Marrakesh, Morocco.  When she refused to give the robber her purse, the man struck her tight and hip with a butcher knife, creating a pretty nasty gash.  At the end, she ended up with over 20 stitches on her tight and hip, and a selfie that quickly went viral. Talk about a night to remember.



    The robber tried stabbing her chest at first, luckily she dodge that attempt. She did, however, ended up with a gash her hip and thight.