Honey on tap – new beehive invention allows beekeeper to harvest honey with minimal bee disruption

    Throughout centuries, the methods by which honey is harvested have not changed.  These methods are often intrusive.  See video below:

    However, a new beehive invention by father and son duo Stuart and Cedar Anderson completely changes the way in which honey is extracted.  These two beekeepers have worked on this invention for decades and after some refinement they come up with a redesigned beehive which in essence pours honey into two containers. This beehive does not require the beekeeper to open up the beehive and interrupt the bees at work, not does it require shaving the comb.

    The beehive works by having a partially completed honeycomb which bees complete with their own wax, once the beehive is completed and filled with honey the other end of the honey comb is opened and honey flows to the extraction units which uses two tubes to pour the honey into two large containers.  After the extraction process is complete, the bees fill the honeycomb once again with honey and the process repeats itself.






    new-honey-harvest-invention-6Honey on tap!