Outpouring of support comes in after thug attacks disabled elderly man


    Alan Barnes is a 67-year-old disabled elderly man who was attacked by a thug just outside his home at Gateshead, UK on January 25. Alan, who is visually impaired, was left with a broken collar bone, and several other injuries as well as fearful of returning to his old home.  As a result, he is currently living with this family.


    The scum who attacked him searched for money but Alan, who stands less than 5 feet in height, had none.

    Shortly after the attack the story made the news.  Once Katie Cutler, a 21 year old beautician, found out what had what happened to him, she set up a Go Fund Me page for Alan with the goal of raising 500 pounds.  However, in less than five days the amount raised reached the $450,000 US dollar mark, a true show of support for this deserving man.   All thanks to Katie who just wanted to help a little.

    Alan plans to buy a new home with the money in a new place where he feels safe.