Project Sunroof lets you know if your rooftop gets enough sunlight in order for you to install solar panels

    Project Sunroof is a new and exciting project that allows homeowners to find out if their homes receive enough sunlight in order to install solar panels and maximize energy output. Here is more about it:

    “Project Sunroof uses information that’s in Google Maps to figure out how much sun falls on a roof and takes into account stuff like the angle of the roof, the weather, and obstructions like trees and chimneys. Then it uses those measurements to figure out how many panels you’d probably need and how much you could save on your electric bill, including solar incentives in your area. You can see how buying or leasing panels affects your savings, and then send your estimate to installers in your area, instantly.

    Visit and enter your address to find out how much solar energy could save you. Project Sunroof works in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Fresno. But anyone can sign up to find out when it expands to their neighborhood.” For more information, click here.