Scientists develop water resistant metal without using chemicals

    Two Scientists Chunlei Guo and Anatoliy Vorobyev from the University of Rochester, NY have developed a new technique that allows metal to become water resistant. In essence, the metal repels water so efficiently that the water droplets actually bounce back off the modified metal surface.

    This new technique uses high power lasers to etch nano-structures on the surface of the metal, these nano structures give the metal its super hydrophobic nature.

    While the technique takes about ah hour to “treat” a one-inch-square metal piece, the advantages over conventional methods are numerous.  The modified surface lasts longer, does not use chemicals, and the metal remains chemically intact.

    Conventional methods which give, for example, non stick pans their ability to repel water use a mixture of toxic chemicals to achieve a similar but weaker effect, and often wear out quickly.

    See the additional video below for more information.