The Mountain from Game of Thrones carries a 1320 lb wooden log on his back for 5 steps, breaks 1000 year record

    Legend has it that 1,000 years ago, a Viking named Orm Storolfson picked up and dragged a wooden log weighing 1,433 pounds three steps, only to succumb to a broken back on the last one.  Orm Storolfson was never to be the same again.

    Fast forward to today.  A very similar feat was attempted and a new record was set.  Hafthór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, most commonly known as the Mountain in the tv series Game of Thrones, just broke Orm Storolfson’s back breaking record, only this time it was five steps and with no injuries.  The Mountain survived to tell the tale, but you don’t have to hear it from him, you can watch it on the video below.