The weirdest things animals ingest

    These radiographs (x-rays) show some of the weirdest things animals eat sometimes by accident, but most of the time on purpose.  It makes you think twice about leaving stuff laying around.

    Kitten eats small plastic alien figure.  After surgery the figured was removed, and the kitten made a complication free recovery.

    Woof, the dog went hungry for rubber ducks and ate 5 of them.  After surgery, all the ducks were removed and Woof made a full recovery.

    This dog belly below contains lots of gravel, about two cups worth.  Thankfully all was removed and the Welsh Corgi is doing well.

    Dog eats change, as in 104 pennies and one quarter.  All turned out to be fine after surgery.

    Ouch, these are needles.  Chihuahua eats sewing needles, needles spread through the body but recovers after needles are removed.

    Golden retriever eats light bulb which is then passed whole with the aid of liquids.

    Labrador stays with grandpa for a while, decides to eat pocketknife.  After giving her Apomorphine, she vomited the knife out.

    Shish Kabob skewer ends up in the belly of this short-haired German pointer.  Owner claims that after grilling, she left the meat and veggie Shish Kabobs unattended only to find out that her dog had eaten them along with the skewer.  Marley made a full recovery.

    Kermit the frog is doing well after 30 ornamental rocks from her belly were surgically removed.

    Rat terrier puppy eats owners bra strap.  Bra strap removed from belly, puppy doing fine.

    Bearded Dragon eats tiny plastic banana that belonged to a Barbie doll toy set.

    Mixed breed puppy eats fish hook that had been baited with a chicken liver.  Puppy makes a full recovery after surgery and antibiotic treatment.

    What you see in the image below is a bunched up pile of ingested socks, 43 socks to be precise.  The Great Dane, a three year old male, had been shown signs of sickness such as vomiting and retching all day.   After noticing that, the owner took him in to the vet.  The socks where discovered after an x-ray was conducted.

    These are the socks the Great Dane ingested.

    Great Dane was released one day after surgery and is doing well.