These children risk it all in order to go to school

    Most people know that obtaining an education ensures, for the most part, a better future.  However, how far would you be willing to go, or put your children through in order to obtain a good education? For many children around the world who don’t have easy access to schools or academic resources that means often risking their lives and traveling long distances in order to reach a school that they can attend.

    These kids must zip-line on a 800m steel cable in order to cross Rio Negro in Columbia. Not your typical zip-line ride since these children use makeshift ropes for harnesses and makeshift wood breaks in order to stop the zip-line.


    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-18In the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, children must travel in a 125 mile journey, two day journey at the end of their term to go back

    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-19More river crossing over the Ciberant River in Sanghiang Tanjung, Indonesia.  As you can see this is a broken suspension bridge.   (This bridge will be rebuilt).kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-13

    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-17In Rizal, Philippines, some children must cross a river using makeshift inflatable tire tubes and walk about an hour to get to school.  The river often swells so children are either forced to skip school or stay at their relative’s  homes if they have already crossed



    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-20Parent takes child to school via this broken bridge. (Dujiangyan, China)kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-12Five hour hike on an incredibly narrow path just to reach school.  (Gulu, China)kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-11


    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-23In Sumatra, Indonesia children cross a river by holding on to a broken suspension bridge cable.  After that, they must walk seven miles to reach their

    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-8Children in Zhang Jiawan, China must climb up this ladder in order to reach their

    kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-6Riding a water buffalo to school. children must travel via canoe in order to reach school.  (Riau, Indonesia)kids-putting-themselves-in-peril-in-order-to-go-to-school-4Indian children travel in an overly packed


    As adventurous as these journeys may seem, these children really do put their lives in peril just to obtain a rudimentary education.   So next time your hear your kids complain about school show them these pictures.