This is a plane ride that any athlete would not want to miss.  Nike and travel technology consultancy firm Teague have collaborated to redesign a plane’s cabin in order to accommodate an athlete’s pre-match and post-match physical needs.

The cabin was redesigned to aid in preserving an athlete peak performance levels.  It provides the athlete with lie-flat seating, compression sleeves to relieve sore muscles, private cabins with noise isolation, a spacious toilet room and wash room.



Spacious recovery room allows an athlete to be massaged by sports trainers.


Proper sleep during travel is essential for every athlete.  Teague has taken that into account by providing cabins with noise isolation.



Who does not appreciate a toilet/washroom like this one?


Replenish rooms provide essential goodies for an athlete to consume before and after the game.


Statistically, athletes who travel longer are more likely to loose matches, so providing a comfortable place to minimize travel fatigue is essential for any team.


Now if only civilian travel could be this awesome.