These transparent Sleeping Capsules hang from the top of a Mountain in the Sacred Valley of Peru

    This takes camping to the next level. For around 300 dollars (US), you can have one of these awesome skylodges all to yourself for a whole night.  The skylodges which hang 1312ft (400 mt) from the side of the mountain and are completely transparent allowing view the sheer beauty of this majestic valley and clear night sky. peru-skylodges-9

    Each capsule suite measures about 24 ft. in length and 8 ft. in height and width. peru-skylodges-7
    “The capsule suites are composed of six windows and four ventilation ducts that ensure a comfortable atmosphere.”peru-skylodges-2
    For safety, there is an exit located at the top of the capsule.  peru-skylodges-5
    To reach the capsules, you must hike 1312ft through a series of ziplines.  peru-skylodges-3
    The beauty of the Valley can be further appreciated from the lodge’s location view point. peru-skylodges-4
     The capsule suites can accommodate two people. peru-skylodges-6
    The package even includes breakfast.peru-skylodges-8
    And in case you wondered how you can poop in there, find the answer below.peru-skylodges-10

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