This woman’s story will make you think twice about texting and driving

    Most drivers who own a smart phone, at one point or another, have texted while driving.  Per the National Safety Council, about 1.6 million vehicle crashes each year are attributed to cell phone usage. 330,000 are car accidents which have caused an injury and were the result of texting while driving.  Based on current statistics, 1 out of 4 car accidents in the US is caused by texting and driving.

    The tragic story in the video is about Aimee. Sadly, for her things didn’t end too well when her car was struck by a driver who was texting.  Even though she survived, her injuries are countless – from an amputated leg to having a sting in her heart, to having metal in every limb.


    Even worse, the extra bones shown on the X-Ray image below are those of her unborn baby who was killed on impact.