Woman leads husband to photo-booth, gives him the surprise of a lifetime

    Woman comes up with the most adequate way to tell her husband that she is expecting a baby.  So she figured out that since they both love photo-booths she’d sneak in the message while they took their pictures.  See the husbands reaction, priceless.

    On a lighthearted note, one youtuber put it this way:

    “There’s two ways you can interpret when men cry when you tell them you are gonna have a baby. First is He is genuinely happy that he gets to be a father with a wife he wants to spend the rest of his life with, or second, My life is f*cked now, f*ck my dreams, f*ck my hopes, f*ck whatever I wished I was going to do is f*cked. I’m stuck with her for the rest of my life whether I want to or not. In this video it seems the former, i hope its the former. LOL”