You can only buy this burger in Japan

    Burger King sells a black burger in Japan that is unlike any other you probably had. Known in Japan as the Kuro Burger, (kuro means black in Japanase), this burger will only be available for a limited time.

    So what makes this burger black? The bun and the cheese are made with bamboo charcoal powder. Bamboo charcoal has other uses, but in this case is used as a food colorant to give this burger its black appearance.

    The Black Burger also contains Skid used as sauce.   The burger below is the KURO pearl.


    The burger below is called the KURO Diamon.


    Bamboo charcoal powder is added to the cheese to give its black appearance.

    And of course, just like any burger you order from Burger King is never as good as shown in the pictures.